We would like to share our story with our extended family, those who love and support our restaurant. We hope you enjoy our story and come see us again.

Roland Monaco hails from Naples, Italy. From the time he was little, Roland cooked alongside his family and developed a passion for food. Roland's wife, Franca, hails from Bari, and shares his love and passion for food and family.

      In May of 1960Roland left Italy, bound for Toronto, Canada. In Canada he became a professional tailor. Franca had done the same and was a seamstress at the time. One of Roland's co-workers told him that they hired a beautiful woman that he should meet. Roland made it a point to go see her, and from that moment on they began to date.

      Roland and Franca were married August 4, 1962 and started their life together. They have three children; Rose, Joey and David. They also have three grandchildren; Kyle, Gabriella, and Luciano.

In the early 1980's Roland and Franca made the decision to move to Southern California. Roland first opened Roland's Menswear in Huntington Beach and then moved it to Upland. After a few years in Upland, Roland's Menswear moved right around the corner from their house in La Verne. During this time, Franca took a position at Nordstrom's as a professional tailor and men's clothing fitter. She is still a loyal employee for Nordstrom's, employed for over 20 years.

      In 1991 Roland discovered that the owner of Sal's Red Devil Pizza, located next to Roland's Menswear, was looking to sell his restaurant. Roland and Franca considered buying the business. They felt that it was a great family opportunity. They could create a family restaurant near their home where they could showcase their passion for cooking.


      Roland Special Pizza

Red Devil Pizza incorporated several family recipes. Many of the ingredients they used were hand grown and hand made, including the sauces and pasta noodles. Authentic Italian dishes that Roland and Franca had grown up with were also added to the menu. They also developed an amazing pizza to compliment the menu. One of our signature dishes, the Penne Carbonara, is from a recipe Roland discovered during one of his travels to Rome. Although Red Devil was a huge success, Roland wanted to try something new and open a fancier sit down restaurant. After discussing it with his family, Roland sold Red Devil to his son, Joey, and opened Monaco's with his daughter Rose.

      Monaco's Pizza & Italian Restaurant opened for its doors on August 20, 2006. This family style Italian restaurant has wowed the whole Inland Empire community.

      It is the hope of "Nona" and "Nonno" that their grandchildren continue to operate the family business. When you're visiting, do not be surprised to see Roland, Franca, and Rose in the kitchen, as well as, Rose's son, Kyle. Do not hesitate to say hello, and please feel free to let us know about your experience. If you're looking for authentic Italian food or gourmet pizza, Monaco's Pizza & Italian Restaurant is the place to be! Enjoy!

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