OLDSoups & Salads

Soup of the Day 3.99

House Salad 
Small 3.99
Large 7.99
Add Chicken 2.99

With a Choice of balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, ranch or blue cheese dressing.  

Caesar Salad 7.99
Chicken Caesar Salad 9.99

Antipasto Salad      Small (1) 7.99     Large (4) 10.99
With salami, ham, mozzarella cheese, black olives, peperoncini and tomatoes

Caprese Salad 6.99
Fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Wedge Salad 11.99
Blue cheese dressing, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles

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