Monacos Sampler 13.90
Mozzarella sticks, Zucchinis, Boneless Wings, Jalapeno Ravioli and Calamari

Bruschetta 6.99
Grilled French roll topped with diced tomatoes, garlic, oregano and olive oil

Cheese Bread 3.99
Bread topped with garlic butter and melted mozzarella cheese

Fried Calamari 8.99
Crispy battered squid with our marinara sauce

Fried Zucchini 7.99
Beer-battered zucchini slices served with ranch dressing

Chicken Strips 7.99
6 pieces of breaded white meat chicken tenders served with a side of ranch dressing

Jalapeño Ravioli 7.99
Lightly-breaded ravioli stuffed with a blend of cheese and Jalapeño Deep-fried with a side of marinara for dipping

Hot Wings
7 for 7.99
15 for 13.99
35 piece (party special)25.99
Spicy Buffalo wings with ranch or bleu cheese dressing

Tappers 8.99
Beer battered boneless wings served with sweet chili dipping  or honey mustard sauce

Stuffed Pepperoncini Bites 7.99
Italian sausage, mozzarella & Italian herbs in a crispy crumb coating

Fried Shrimp 9.99
Beer-battered and served with sweet chili dip, 10 pieces

Steak Fries 5.99

Roland's Fries 7.99

Jalapeño Poppers 7.99 

Mozzarella Sticks  7.99

Garlic bread 1.99

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